[img[./fire1.gif]]\nAnd that was all he could ever hope to be.\n\n\n<html><font color="83408c">Goodnight.</font></html>
[img[./start.gif]]\nOn the longest night of winter, \na man looked out of his window \nand saw that there was a universe [[outside.|Outside]]\n\n
[img[./fire2.gif]]\nThere were no answers waiting for the man outside.\nUnder his blanket \nand next to his fire \nhe was comfortable.\nAnd he was [[warm.|And So...]]
[img[./man.gif]]\nThere were three questions the man wanted to ask, \nbut he knew he would only have time for one \nbefore he was consumed, \nif not by the cold \nthen by the monstrous being in front of him. \n\n[["Who are you?"|Who are you?]]\n\n[["How long have you been here?"|How long have you been here?]]\n\n[["Are you my friend?"|Are you my friend?]]
[img[./hellouniverse.gif]]\n<html><font color="83408c">Hello,</font></html>\nsaid the universe.\nThe man did not know [[what to say.|What to Say?]]
[img[./finale.gif]]\n<html><font color="83408c">I was here before your kind crawled out of the ocean,</font></html> the universe replied.\n<html><font color="83408c">And I was here to witness a similar feat\n<br>from the ones who came before you,\n<br>as well as the ones who before them.</font></html>\nThe man was visibly disturbed by this.\nAnd the universe noticed.\nBecause it was the universe.\n<html><font color="83408c">However,</font></html> the universe continued,\n<html><font color="83408c"> I waited billions of your kind's years\n<br>before I was able\n<br>to take my first step.\n<br>It is true that I have seen\n<br>more than you likely ever will.\n<br>But for each of your lonely nights\n<br>I have endured \n<br>a thousand empty lifetimes.\n<br>My age does not make me a greater being.\n<br>For the most part, \n<br>we experience the same phenomena. \n<br>We merely navigate through time\n<br>at different speeds. \n<br>As far as I can tell,\n<br>the only discernable difference\n<br>between your life\n<br>and mine\n<br>is that inevitably</font></html>\n[[yours will end.|Inside]]
[img[./finale.gif]]\n<html><font color="83408c">I am your world,</font></html> the universe replied. \nTo the man, this was alarmingly obvious.\nBut he did not have the courage \nto scoff at the universe. \n<html><font color="83408c">I am every sky you will ever look upon,</font></html> the universe continued. \n<html><font color="83408c">I am every object you will ever touch.\n<br>I am every person you will ever know.\n<br>And if you ever love someone,\n<br>I will be that person too.\n<br>But I am also every ounce of pain \n<br>that you will ever feel.\n<br>I am every forlorn moment \n<br>and every abandoned, \n<br>unattainable dream.\n<br>I am the desolate heartbreak \n<br>of being forgotten. \n<br>Even now, \n<br>I am the freezing air \n<br>that is quietly tearing you apart.\n<br>These things are beyond my control.\n<br>I am not a hospitable place.\n<br>What I am is an indifferent world\n<br>gracious enough to provide you with the materials you need\n<br>to build</font></html> [[a home.|Inside]]\n
[img[./hello.gif]]\n<html><font color="e19959">Hello?</font></html>\nThe man called out to the universe. \nAnd to his [[surprise,|Hello]]
[img[./outside.gif]]\nThe air stank of sweet memories\nand the man could feel the frigid night's thousands of invisible fingers\nskratching at his skin. \nPart of him wanted to [[shout.|Hello?]]\nPart of him wanted to run back [[home.|Inside]]\n
[img[./finale.gif]]\n<html><font color="83408c">No,</font></html> the universe replied.\n<html><font color="83408c">But I am not your enemy.</font></html>\nThe man was underwhelmed with this answer.\nHe wanted to interject, \nbut he did not think it was his place \nto interrupt the universe.\n<html><font color="83408c">Our relationship,</font></html> the universe continued,\n<html><font color="83408c"> is not unlike the relationship between you \n<br>and the cells in your body. \n<br>I acknowledge that you are a part of me, \n<br>and I acknowledge that there are several trillion parts\n<br>equally as important as you.\n<br>But most importantly,\n<br>I acknowledge that by the end of my night\n<br>you and all of your kind\n<br>will be long dead.\n<br>But I will remain.\n<br>And I will be well.\n<br>And just as you do not remember the flakes of skin you shed <br>as you walked outside to meet me,</font></html>\n[[I will not remember you.|Inside]]
Keith Boylan\n
[img[./universe.gif]]\nThe universe [[answered him.|The Universe]]
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